Tina Long’s understanding of dogs and her extensive knowledge of dog nutrition helped my border collie Merlin when our otherwise wonderful veterinarians could not. Merlin’s stress-induced colitis kept recurring, and the veterinarians we were working with could only suggest keeping him on a prescription diet low in nutritive value. Neither Merlin nor I were happy with that single option. Tina came to our first session clearly having done extensive research and was able to give me real healthy options for Merlin. He’s now on a diet that has eliminated his colitis symptoms, given his coat a much healthier shine, and improved his quality of life by decreasing his stress. He’s calmer, more thoughtful, and far less reactive. He recovers more quickly from stressful situations. Tina gave us far more than we’d hoped to gain. I highly recommend Tina Long and NewPhase Wellness!


- Stacey (Newtown)


Tina is a passionate, informative pet care educator. In four sessions, she helped us to understand how simple changes to our dogs' diet could significantly enhance their health and overall wellness! She took time to answer our questions and provided us with research to support her recommendations. I highly recommend Tina as a wellness coach for you and your pets!


- Denise and Lawrence: Sumi, Bodhi, & Theo (Newtown)


Our dog, Zoe, was obviously in distress as she was exhibiting loss of appetite, loss of energy, and bad and messy bouts of diarrhea. She always had a “sensitive” digestive system ever since we got her as a puppy at 12 weeks old. She eventually ended up on prescription dog food which seemed fine for years, but I didn’t know where to turn when this serious distress started. I didn’t want to simply turn to more vet visits and medications so I called Tina Long who was referred by Suzan Hurtuk, owner of Pawtown and Zoe’s dog walker.


Tina took Zoe’s history, researched possible issues, and met with me to discuss diet changes based on a probable allergy to chicken! We immediately applied the recommended changes and quickly saw positive results. We were SO relieved, happy, and grateful to watch Zoe bounce back to her healthy status showing renewed energy and excited to even eat again! We have been following this plan for months now and things are continuing to be positive so I am very content with all that I have learned from Tina and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who would be willing to consider a more holistic alternative to solving a problem, but also to simply learn very helpful information covering topics like vaccinations and cleaning product concerns, etc. Thank you Tina!


Zoe's Picture


- Melanie & Zoe

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