Pet Nutrition
Since I was a child, animals seemed to have always had a special place in my heart. When I was young, my father brought home a rabbit for me. I named him Cuddles and he ended up being my first teacher. He taught me that animals need love and gives love. He was also very smart and new his name. We formed a strong bond. I was very grateful to have him in my life as a child.

Many years later, it was time for my next lesson to be learned. My husband and I adopted our first dog named Bailey. He quickly became a big part of our family. He had ended up developing many skin issues and would throw up his food. I would bring him to the vet and the vet would give him medicine and tell us to give him rice and chicken. His symptoms would go away, but within a short time would just return again. I would try different dog foods, but he would still get the same response. After much research I discovered the right food for him and all his symptoms went a way. I was amazed at how giving him the right diet would make such a huge difference. He rarely ever had to go to the vet except for his year check ups. He didn't have to be on any medications through out his life until the very end. He was a great teacher and was honored to have him in my life.

My two dogs I have now, also have been great teachers. My Chelsea was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor when she was about 4 years old. The specialist wanted to do radiation and amputate her tail. I decided not to put her through all that because I felt that would put a lot of stress on such a little body. I was going to help her by treating her holistically. Again, nutrition was always a first priority. Next I built a great team to help keep her immune system up and help detox her body. I extremely grateful to say that she is 12 years old and so happy she is part of our family.
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